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How to take care human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are made from a hundred percent human hair and are known to give a more realistic appearance as compared to their synthetic counterparts. If you are looking to choose a wig, virgin human hair wigs will be the best choice for you.

Why choose human hair wigs?

It Can Be Used to Replace Your Hair

Appear Natural

It is very easy to care and wear human hair wigs since they resist heat more better and can also be washed again and again.


Wigs can be a lot of fun to wear whether you’re donning one to hide thinning hair or just to change up your look.

Knowing how to care for your human hair lace wig would be important since it is quite an investment and proper hair care routine will help your hair wig lasts longer and ensures your wig keep its silky or wavy pattern and looks great at the same time.



Place a quarter size amount of shampoo into your hands. Working gently with your fingertips, squeeze the hair to lather the shampoo. Avoid using circular motions while lathering the hair.


In addition, be sure to shampoo the inside of the cap. Rinse thoroughly and repeat a second time to ensure your Follea is free of residue buildup.


For best results, we recommend using salon quality restorative shampoos and conditioners.


Wig holding and protection

Hold the wig far from heating devices, open fire and other high-temperature sources.


If you wear the full lace wig daily, hold it on a special wig stand or model.

If you wear the wig rarely, completely dry wig could be kept in paper box or package.



To style, blow-dry the hair using the cool setting. Keep in mind, the more blow drying and heat styling tools being used, the faster the wig will become dry and/or damaged.


Cool blow drying will cause the least possible harm to the hair. Air drying is also an option for a more natural look.


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